What If My Disability Claim Is Being Delayed?

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What If My Disability Claim Is Being Delayed?

What If My Disability Claim Is Being Delayed?

A delayed disability claim can lead to financial problems for those who are in need of financial assistance right away. Not everyone can stop working and still afford ongoing bills and other expenses. Finding how long the disability claims process usually takes can be helpful for finding out whether your claim is being delayed. Then you can take action by asking for help from a Pennsylvania individual disability insurance lawyer.

How Long Do Disability Claims Take?

The disability benefits application process is tedious for a reason. One of the main reasons is the goal of the Social Security Administration (SSA) to ensure that benefits What If My Disability Claim Is Being Delayed?are provided to those who actually need them. This means strict criteria are used to determine eligibility for disability benefits.

Making sure each person applying for disability benefits meets these criteria is what can slow this process down. The review process is often thorough. As a result, the average processing time for a disability claim is about three to five months. After that point, the SSA usually mails a letter with a decision to the applicant.

If you disagree with the decision to not provide disability benefits, then you can file an appeal. The appeals process can be quick or long depending on which level of appeals you reach. When the first level of appeals fails, you can try higher levels of appeals. Higher levels may take longer since they involve judges and courts.

The SSA explains that processing time can take longer based on the time spent gaining access to medical records and evidence. During this process, the state will usually have medical or vocational experts contact healthcare providers to gain more information. How long this takes may depend on how quickly medical professionals are able to provide this information.

Options When Your Disability Claim is Delayed

The United States Government Accountability Office found that only a small percentage of critical cases for disability claims went on to expedited processing. Some disability claims can be expedited based on life circumstances and the type of disability. Common examples of cases that are deemed critical include:

·      Homeless

·      Eviction

·      Severe financial need

·      Terminal illness

·      Late stages of cancer

This means that those who may be in dire need of disability benefits may not have the opportunity for an expedited review. They may have to wait longer as a result and suffer financial consequences. You may not have to let this happen to you.

Consider contacting a Pennsylvania disability benefits lawyer who can help you find out why your disability claim was denied. An experienced lawyer can then take steps to increase your chances of an expedited disability claim review.

Edelstein Martin & Nelson Can Help

Waiting for disability benefits may not always be reasonable when you have upcoming bills and other expenses. Reach out to a Pennsylvania disability attorney for guidance if your disability benefits application has been delayed too long. All you have to do is call Edelstein & Nelson today at (800) 300-0909 for a consultation regarding your disability claim. Our legal team is prepared to help you find ways to speed up the disability benefits process.