What If Need Disability Benefits Right Away?

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How Herniated Discs May Qualify for Disability Benefits
January 17, 2022
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Can I Receive Disability Benefits If My Disability Comes and Goes?
January 31, 2022
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What If Need Disability Benefits Right Away?

What If Need Disability Benefits Right Away?

The fact that many disability claim applications can take months to process can be terrifying for some people. You may be applying for disability benefits because you just quit your job and you need financial help now. Waiting months or even weeks could be detrimental to your finances. There are certain circumstances that might allow you to request faster processing of your claim. Reach out to a Pennsylvania disability lawyer to learn more.

Critical Disability Claims

Certain disability claims are considered critical because they involve unique life circumstances. The main types of critical disability claims involve:

  • Compassionate AllowancesWhat If Need Disability Benefits Right Away?
  • Dire Need Cases
  • Military Casualty or Wounded Warrior
  • Certain Veteran Cases
  • Terminal Illness

Compassionate allowances are given when you have a disability that fits all the criteria of a listed disability. These often automatically grant disability benefits because the disability already fits the criteria or is deemed severe. Many cancers fit this category.

Military casualty or wounded warrior cases may involve faster processing when a soldier was wounded and acquired a disability. Veteran cases are also processed faster when veterans receive a 100 percent disability compensation rating from the Department of Veteran Affairs.

Terminal illness is severe enough to warrant faster processing, meaning the disability is untreatable and will lead to premature death. You will need doctor notes to support this along with corresponding medical records. Talk to your doctor about whether your medical condition is terminal if you have not already.

Dire need cases happen when someone has no access to food, medical care, or shelter. These are situations where a person’s basic needs are not being met. Any needs around your health and safety count.

How to Write a Dire Need Letter

When you find yourself in need of disability benefits or else you risk serious financial trouble, you can write a dire need letter. Being in dire need means not having disability benefits sooner could mean you have no food, shelter, or medical help.

If your disability claim was denied, a dire need letter could grant you an earlier date with the administrative law judge. Otherwise, you may have to wait 12 more months and then longer before receiving benefits. When it comes to writing your dire need letter, keep in mind:

  • Explain why waiting will harm you
  • Describe your dire need situation
  • Briefly explain your financial situation
  • Hearing offices must consider letters describing any lack of vital resources

If you are about to be evicted, include this too. Anything that threatens your safety is relevant. Consider contacting a Pennsylvania disability lawyer to what else you should include. A lawyer can read over and help you finalize your dire need letter.

Disability Lawyer in Pennsylvania

Waiting longer and longer for your disability claim to be processed might not be an option when you are struggling financially. Talk to a Pennsylvania individual disability insurance attorney to start taking steps towards obtaining disability benefits. All you have to do is contact Edelstein & Nelson today at (800) – 300 – 0909 for a consultation. Our legal team of Pennsylvania disability lawyers might be able to help you speed up your disability claims process.