Pennsylvania Disability Benefits Evidentiary Updates You Should Know About
Pennsylvania Disability Benefits Evidentiary Updates You Should Know About
September 28, 2020
Can Pennsylvania Disability Benefits Be Used for My Family?
Can Pennsylvania Disability Benefits Be Used for My Family?
October 12, 2020
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What is a Representative Payee for Philadelphia Disability Benefits?

When you do not have the time or mental energy needed to manage your Philadelphia disability insurance payments, you have the option of choosing a loved one to be your representative payee. In other words, you can have a trusted loved one handle the payment processes for you. If you do encounter any obstacles to your disability payments, consider consulting with a Philadelphia disability attorney for help.

All You Need to Know About Philadelphia Representative Payees

A Philadelphia representative payee is someone you have the option to choose to appoint to manage and handle all of your disability benefits payments. This can be a family member or close friend. As long as you believe you can trust and rely on them to handle your disability insurance, then you have the option to choose them.

It is not uncommon in Philadelphia for people struggling with disabilities to appoint a representative payee. After all, this takes some of the pressure off. Taking this action is What is a Representative Payee for Philadelphia Disability Benefits?especially helpful for people who are coping with serious mental disabilities or physical disabilities that make certain things related to the payment process extraordinarily difficult.

Certain types of payees will not have to fill out an annual Representative Payee Report, which can be a tedious process. These payees include biological or adoptive parents, your spouse, and legal guardians of minor children who are receiving disability benefits. Payees can be under the age of 18 in some cases. However, these payees may still have certain other responsibilities that will be discussed later.

Some organizations can also handle this process for you. If you have any questions or find yourself being taken advantage of by Philadelphia’s bad faith tactics, feel free to talk with an experienced disability benefits lawyer in Philadelphia.

Disability Benefits Representative Payee Responsibilities

To have an idea about what responsibilities your representative payee might have, you can check out the Social Security Administration (SSA) representative payee responsibilities in Philadelphia. Some of these responsibilities include filling out yearly reports, checking on your disabled loved one’s needs, and avoiding any exploitation of this responsibility.

One of the reports you may have to fill out each year as a representative payee involves questions about the benefits your loved one has received. This might involve collecting receipts and other documents showing a spending history. A less well-known responsibility is informing the SSA whenever your loved one’s condition changes in a way that could affect eligibility for disability insurance.

If your loved one is too disabled to spend the money on their own, you will be responsible for spending the money on your loved one’s needs within the SSA guidelines. This means the money should be used for things like your loved one’s health, shelter, personal needs, and food.

Disability Attorney in Philadelphia

Going through all the forms and documents involved with disability benefits can be tricky. If you ever encounter any obstacles, try talking with a Philadelphia group disability insurance lawyer for assistance. Contact Edelstein & Nelson at 800-887-4529 for a consultation today. Our legal team of Philadelphia disability attorneys will work with you to figure out whatever challenges you may face along the way.