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How Many Work Credits Do I Need for Disability Benefits?
July 25, 2022
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Can My Disability Benefits Be Taken Away?
August 8, 2022
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What is Mental Residual Function Capacity for Disability Benefits?

Applying for disability benefits can be a complicated and sometimes confusing process. So many factors go into this process including measuring physical and mental aspects of residual functional capacity. This is important for determining whether your disability is severe enough to qualify for disability benefits. Do not hesitate to ask a Pennsylvania disability lawyer for guidance if you find yourself lost.

How Important Is Residual Functional Capacity?

The hardest part about applying for disability benefits is proving your need for benefits. This requires demonstrating that your disability is severe enough to impair What is Mental Residual Function Capacity for Disability Benefits?your work performance and prevent you from earning a basic income. Going through various assessments and evaluations is part of this process.

A common assessment is the residual functional capacity assessment, a tool used to measure limitations. This type of assessment targets both physical and mental limitations caused by your disability. Without this assessment, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will have a harder time judging whether your disability limits your ability to work.

This makes a residual functional capacity assessment vital for many disability benefits applications. The SSA will use the residual functional capacity form to help determine whether you are eligible for disability benefits. Not cooperating with this part of the disability benefits process could hurt your chances of receiving benefits.

In total, a residual functional capacity assessment consists of four sections. These include physical abilities, mental abilities, other abilities affected by impairments, and total limiting effects. Certain disability symptoms may impact areas other than mental and physical skills that the other abilities affected by impairments section can examine. These might be environmental restrictions and limitations involving the five senses.

The total limiting effects section is used when mental and physical capacity assessment conditions are not met. This examines the total limiting effects of all of your impairments when combined. Both medical and nonmedical evidence is considered under this section.

What Mental Residual Functional Capacity Measures

When it comes to mental residual functional capacity, this section measures any mental limitations caused by the disability. This is normally completed by a primary care physician. The SSA may also hire its own evaluator to conduct the assessment which measures:

·      Concentration and persistence

·      Ability to adapt to changes

·      Social interaction skills

·      Memory and understanding

These are concerned with how your disability prevents you from performing mental tasks at work. As a result, questions about memory may focus on whether you can recall instructions about a work task. Social interaction questions may ask about how you would handle different customer service scenarios.

Going through the disability benefits application process can be overwhelming. Try contacting a Pennsylvania disability lawyer if you have any questions or concerns.

Disability Lawyer in Pennsylvania

Going through the tedious disability benefits application process can be incredibly stressful. Ask a Pennsylvania individual disability insurance attorney for help if you have questions about your disability benefits application. Feel free to contact Edelstein Martin & Nelson by dialing (800) 300-0909 for a consultation today about your options for disability benefits. Our experienced legal team is prepared to help you increase your chances of benefits.