What to Avoid Telling Your Disability Insurance Adjuster

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How Does Working a Job Affect My Disability Benefits?
September 23, 2019
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Common Types of Disability Claims
October 7, 2019
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What to Avoid Telling Your Disability Insurance Adjuster

Disability insurance is challenging enough to apply for, but the management of your disability benefits can also be difficult. Not everyone realizes that many disability insurance companies will hire private investigators to watch over your activities to make sure you are not faking a disability. 

This makes what you say to your disability insurance adjuster especially important. There are certain things people say that can cause them to lose their benefits completely. To avoid this, try contacting an experienced Pennsylvania individual disability insurance lawyer when you have questions or concerns.   

Disability Insurance Surveillance 

Disability insurance companies hire private investigators for the sole purpose of discovering fraudulent claims. They are looking for any kind of mistake or slip that could reveal your lack of a disability. This saves them money and ensures no one is being given unfair benefits.  

Private investigators are not limited to observing what you say to your claims adjuster, but they may also look at what you post on social media or any other online platform. Saying or posting the wrong thing can appear suspicious to your claims adjuster. If they are suspicious enough, they may have you attend a mandatory independent medical exam by a doctor of their choice. This doctor may not think your disability is as serious as your original doctor and this could lead to a loss of benefits. 

Constant surveillance can make living with a disability stressful because of the way simple things like going on vacation may be seen by adjusters as proof that your disability is not debilitating enough to warrant benefits. Their logic is that if you can travel long hours on vacation, you can work. They often miss the details because of their focus on the surface.  

When People Lose Disability Benefits 

What you say to your claims adjuster matters and so does what you ask. Be careful about mentioning vacation plans because this could be misinterpreted as saying your disability has improved and you can return to work. Most lawyers advise clients to avoid mentioning vacations at all. Keep the conversations minimal and focused on What to Avoid Telling Your Disability Insurance Adjusteryour benefits and disability.

Be careful about asking for additional benefits before talking to a lawyer first. This can be misconstrued as asking for a larger handout and may be seen as inauthentic. A disability lawyer can help you figure out when you could be eligible for additional benefits. Avoid mentioning other family members who are ill or have disabilities because they may think your ability to care for others proves your disability is not as serious. 

If you do lose benefits because of saying the wrong thing, you can always attempt an appeal. A lawyer can walk you through the steps necessary for building a strong appeal. 

Disability Lawyer in Pennsylvania 

Consider hiring a Pennsylvania disability lawyer if you lost your disability benefits or feel threatened by the possibility. Contact Edelstein & Nelson at 1-800-300-0909 for a consultation today. We will work with you to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your disability insurance.