When a Sport Injury Keeps You On the Sidelines

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Sports are a beloved and highly participated in past time for Americans. From football, basketball, and soccer to golf, swimming, and tennis, children, teens, and adults all go out and compete. While these game are fun, there’s always the chance that you may suffer a traumatic injury that leaves you unable to work and overwhelmed with medical bills. If you’re injured while playing a sport, a qualified Philadelphia disability attorney can help you ensure you have the resources you need to recover.

How Common Are Sports Injuries?

Injuries stemming from sports injuries occur every day, ranging from simple sprains to significant breaks or internal injuries. 3.5 million of America’s youth suffer from a sports-When a Sport Injury Keeps You On the Sidelinesrelated injury every year, which is roughly 10% of those who play. In adults, these injuries can be more impactful, as serious injuries can mean surgery, time off of work, and long recovery periods, which call all lead to costly bills and a lack of funds to pay these debts.

For those who end up suffering from an injury that ends up being debilitating, these worries can be far worse especially if their disability claim through their insurance is denied. In these cases, looking to an insurance disability firm to help you fight your insurance company might be your best bet to secure a smooth path towards recovery

Common Sport-Related Injuries

There are several injuries that come from sporting competitions and events. These injuries include:

Broken Bones: Broken bones can cause many issues for the working adult. A broken arm can mean that they cannot perform duties such as typing as well or cannot do many tasks involving dexterity of the hands and arms. A broken leg can be rather debilitating for someone who works in a job where they are required to walk around or move merchandise. Depending on the job and the broken bone, an adult could end up facing issues at work for poor job performance, which can lead to possible outcomes like termination.

Spinal Injuries: Spinal injuries are important to care for, as these injuries can mean possible paralysis or nerve damage. When a spinal injury is suffered, the victim can end up needing hospitalization or surgery, which can cost time and money that someone who is working might not have available to them.

Head Trauma: Any head trauma requires an immediate trip to the doctor or hospital. Head trauma can be a sign of brain trauma which needs to be looked at urgently and treated to make sure there is no lasting damage. This injury can cost a working adult a lot of time as well as money. Furthermore, many places of employment won’t want to help with the time and cost of a severe brain injury.

Any time a working adult is hurt and needs either extended sick leave or rehabilitation, it is worth looking into disability insurance and seeing if that is a route that can help you while you recover from your injury. When you need to recover, it’s important that you do it right, and that you have the help you need.

Insurance Disability Lawyers Ready to Represent You

If you’ve suffered a debilitating injury due to a sporting event and your insurance is trying to deny your disability claim, it’s time to look for help. At Edelstein Martin & Nelson, we know how to take on your case and help you get through this difficult and frustrating time. Allow us to look over your case and fight for you to get the justice and respect you deserve from your insurance company, and give us the ability to help you begin your recovery. Call us today at 800-887-4529 to talk with one of our lawyers.