When am I Eligible for SSI and Can a Lawyer Help?

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When am I Eligible for SSI and Can a Lawyer Help?

When Am I Eligible for SSI and How Can A Lawyer Help?

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is an option for people who are not able to make enough income because of a disability. However, the Social Security Administration (SSA) only offers SSI to people under certain circumstances. This can make the Philadelphia disability benefits application process alone tedious and confusing. Working with an experienced Philadelphia disability lawyer might be able to help.

SSI Eligibility Requirements

Breaking through the complexities of the SSI application process starts with understanding the basic requirements. The SSI eligibility requirements make up a long list, but this list can be broken up into three main categories. One of the first categories is fitting the SSA definition of a disability.

According to the SSA, you must either have a disability, be bling, or age 65 or older to be considered for SSI. Being disabled does not always mean what many people might think. Your disability must prevent you from doing any substantial gainful activity and either:

  • Last 12 monthsWhen Am I Eligible for SSI and How Can A Lawyer Help?
  • Or lead to an early death

Your substantial gainful activity must be impaired enough to prevent you from working or earning enough income. This ties directly into the second category, limited income. This eligibility requirement is unique to SSI benefits. You must make under a certain amount of monthly income to qualify for SSI.

The third eligibility requirements category is limited resources. These include things like any other money you have, your property, life insurance, your car, and anything you own that could be exchanged for money. If you are applying for SSI alone, the value of your resources must not exceed $2,000 total.

How Can an SSI Lawyer Help Me?

Hiring an SSI lawyer is not something everyone thinks of right away when applying for disability benefits. Whether to hire a disability lawyer is up to you in the end, but there are some potential benefits to consider.

One of the most valuable things a disability lawyer can do for you is filter out any errors or mistakes that could potentially hurt your application. In the rush and confusion of filling out a long disability application, we can make mistakes. A lawyer can take the edge off and save you time by double-checking everything.

Since disability lawyers have special training in disability benefits rights, they will know what will improve or hurt your application. They will know what evidence you will need for your specific disability and where to find that evidence. Your disability lawyer can also recognize when your claim is unfairly being denied.

Consider contacting a Philadelphia disability lawyer if your claim was denied. A lawyer can help you go through the appeals process.

Disability Lawyer in Philadelphia

Do not give up if your disability benefits application was denied. Feel free to ask a Philadelphia individual disability insurance attorney for help if you are facing barriers in your application. All you have to do is call Edelstein Martin & Nelson at (800) – 300 – 0909 for a consultation today. Our dedicated team of Philadelphia disability lawyers are prepared to help you defend your disability claim.