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How to Prepare for Your Philadelphia Disability Benefits Interview
January 11, 2021
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How Many Work Credits Do I Need for Philadelphia Disability Benefits?
January 25, 2021
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When Are Pennsylvania Disability Benefits Representative Payees Mandatory?

Some people with disabilities that prevent them from working can still do some things on their own, but not everyone with disabilities can, especially for people struggling with severe disabilities that affect their mind and ability to move. This can make the process of receiving and properly using Pennsylvania disability benefits difficult. One solution to this is to use the Social Security Administration (SSA) representative payee program. In some cases, this program is mandatory. If you have any questions, feel free to talk to a Pennsylvania disability lawyer for assistance.

What is a Pennsylvania Representative Payee?

You might be wondering what a representative payee is and how this SSA program works. A Pennsylvania representative payee can be your parent, aunt, best friend, or a distant relative. As long as this person meets certain requirements and can be trusted by you to handle your disability benefits, then you can have this person appointed as your representative payee.

If you do not have anyone you feel you can trust, you have the option to appoint an When Are Pennsylvania Disability Benefits Representative Payees Mandatory?organization as your representative payee. The same rules that would apply for a family member or friend would apply to the organization so you can be sure your money is safe. As the beneficiary, you are protected under the SSA when it comes to your disability benefits,

What this means is the SSA can take action if your representative payee does not use your disability benefits properly or takes advantage of their position. Using disability benefits improperly means spending your disability benefits funds to solely benefit themselves instead of you. Your representative payee is mandated to only use your disability benefits on what you need like food, shelter, health insurance, and personal needs. Even if there is leftover money, this money belongs to you.

Who is Required to Have a Representative Payee in Pennsylvania?

There are certain people with disabilities that are mandated to have a representative payee. Mandated Pennsylvania representative payees apply to minors since they are under the age of consent and for legally incompetent adults for similar reasons. In most cases, the parent or legal guardian will become the representative payee for the child. For legally incompetent adults, the representative payee may vary from their parents, adult children, and other loved ones.

People who are deemed unable to handle their disability benefits on their own are also appointed representative payees. This is done to protect the person from using disability benefits improperly or making a mistake in the process that prevents them from receiving benefits. To prove this, the SSA will require evidence that the disabled person is unable to handle their own Pennsylvania disability insurance.

Disability Lawyer in Pennsylvania

Consider seeking guidance from a Pennsylvania group disability insurance attorney if you have questions about the representative payee program or have experienced problems in this area. Contact Edelstein & Nelson today at 800-887-4529 for a consultation. Our legal team of Pennsylvania disability lawyers can help you defend your disability claim, collect the evidence you need to make certain changes and provide guidance through the process.