When Can Depression Qualify Me for Disability Benefits?

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When Can Depression Qualify Me for Disability Benefits?

When Can Depression Qualify Me for Disability Benefits?

Depression can be a crippling burden on the mind. Bering stuck in depression can make you slower, have problems with sleep, and not be able to perform tasks adequately at work. When depression starts impacting your performance and your paycheck suffers as a result, you may need to consider disability benefits. Before applying for disability benefits in Philadelphia, it is vital to know the eligibility rules. Talk to a Philadelphia disability lawyer to find out more.

How Severe Does My Depression Have to Be?

The chances of the Social Security Administration (SSA) offering disability benefits for mild depression are far lower than for severe depression. One of the main factors impacting whether you will receive disability benefits for depression is depression severity. This means your symptoms of depression must cause limitations in any of the following:

  • Social interactionsWhen Can Depression Qualify Me for Disability Benefits?
  • Maintaining pace or concentration
  • Understanding and using information
  • Adapting to changes and taking care of yourself

You must fit at least two of these limitations to be considered for benefits. The SSA also expects you to be officially diagnosed with depression, meaning you must have at least five symptoms. Some of the most common symptoms of major depression include:

  • Lost appetite
  • Problems with too little or much sleep
  • Fatigue
  • Problems with concentration
  • Persistent sad mood more days than not
  • Lost interest or pleasure in things

The only exception, if you are not experiencing any of the limitations caused by depression, is if your depression has lasted two years or longer. In this case, you must also have evidence of long-term psychological treatments that are being used to manage your symptoms. You must also be struggling with marginal adjustment, a minimal capacity to adapt to various demands or changes.

What Evidence is the SSA Looking For?

You might be wondering how you can submit evidence for something as personal as depression. The reality is that the SSA demands a certain level of evidence before you can start receiving disability benefits. This evidence will primarily come in the form of medical evidence from your treatment provider.

Your medical records will serve as medical evidence of depression along with:

  • Any therapist or psychiatrist records
  • Documents of antidepressant use and side effects
  • Doctor’s notes about how your depression limits your abilities

Depending on the severity of your symptoms, you may only be given medical-vocational allowance to cover some of your expenses with benefits. The more severe your depressive symptoms are, the higher your chances are of receiving full disability benefits each month. Consider contacting a Philadelphia disability lawyer to figure out what other information you need to submit for your disability claim.

Disability Attorney in Philadelphia

Going through the disability benefits application process can be exhausting. You may not have to do this alone. Consider asking a Philadelphia individual disability insurance lawyer about steps you can take if your disability claim was denied. Feel free to call Edelstein Martin & Nelson today at (800) – 300 – 0909 for a consultation about your claim. Our legal team of Philadelphia disability attorneys can help you figure ways to increase your chances of receiving disability benefits.