When Can I Receive Expedited Disability Payments?

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When Can I Receive Expedited Disability Payments?

When Can I Receive Expedited Disability Payments?

Certain disabilities prevent people from working right away. When bills need to be paid by the end of the month, this can be stressful. Those with added medical bills for their disability may run out of money at a rapid rate. Waiting months for disability payments to start may not always be an option. Certain expedited disability payment programs can help people in these situations avoid this. Find out more from a Pennsylvania disability lawyer by calling and asking questions.

Types of Expedited Disability Payments

There are four types of expedited disability payments that can be paid while you are waiting for disability benefits to start. They include expedited reinstatement cases, emergency advance payment, immediate payment, and presumptive disability payment.

Expedited reinstatement payment only applies to people who were receiving disability benefits but lost them after working. This happens when a person’s When Can I Receive Expedited Disability Payments?earnings exceed a certain amount. People in this situation will not have to file a new disability application if they apply for expedited reinstatement of benefits. They must be unable to perform substantial gainful activity and provide updated medical evidence.

Emergency advance payments are given to those facing financial emergencies. Their social security disability payments must have also been delayed. There is a limit on how much this advance payment can be and the person must be facing a financial emergency that puts their safety at risk.

Immediate payments can be made to people already receiving disability benefits when they are in a financial emergency and their recent payments have been delayed. Presumptive disability payments are given while an applicant is waiting for their disability application to go through. These payments can be provided for up to six months before the first disability payment.

When Do Presumptive Disability Benefits Apply?

A person could be eligible for presumptive disability benefits depending on the type of disability they have. The severity of the disability also makes a difference. People most likely to receive expedited payments through his method are those with:

  • Delayed disability benefits
  • Higher chances of being approved for disability benefits
  • Severe disabilities
  • Applications with a lot of medical evidence to support the disability

Certain disabilities and medical conditions are more likely to qualify people for presumptive disability payments. Amputations, spinal cord injuries, and total blindness are some examples of acquired disabilities. Terminal illnesses, AIDs, strokes, down syndrome, and cerebral palsy are other disabilities that could qualify someone for presumptive payments.

The most important things to know about presumptive disability benefits are:

  • Payments stop if your disability claim enters an appeal process
  • Payments stop if your disability application is denied
  • You do not owe money back for these payments if your claim is denied

Try contacting a Pennsylvania disability lawyer to learn more.

Disability Lawyer in Pennsylvania

Filing a request for early disability payments may not always work. Consider asking a Pennsylvania delayed insurance benefits attorney about what options you have when you need benefits sooner than later. Feel free to call Edelstein Martin & Nelson today at (800) 300-0909 for a consultation about your case. Our legal team of Pennsylvania disability lawyers is prepared to increase your chances of receiving the disability benefits you need.