When Can I Receive Pennsylvania Disability Benefits for an Amputation?

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When Can I Receive Pennsylvania Disability Benefits for an Amputation?

When Can I Receive Pennsylvania Disability Benefits for an Amputation?

Whether you lost a limb or appendage from an unexpected accident or surgery, you may have the option to start receiving financial assistance through disability benefits if your amputation prevents you from working. While not every amputation may qualify for disability benefits, some do, and these benefits can be used to cover your basic living expenses. All you need to do is learn about what amputations are considered for disability benefits and what medical evidence you will need to submit. Consider asking a Pennsylvania disability lawyer for help.

What Amputations Qualify for Disability Benefits?

Not every amputation will qualify you for disability benefits because the Social Security Administration (SSA) only offers financial help to people who need it the most. What this means is that your amputation must be disabling enough to severely limit your ability to work or must prevent you from working entirely. When it comes toWhen Can I Receive Pennsylvania Disability Benefits for an Amputation? amputation disability benefits, the SSA will be looking for:

  • Amputations above the joint that prevent you from using your arm or leg
  • Your amputation makes physical labor harder or impossible
  • Prosthetics are unable to improve your disability
  • You have several amputations that create cumulative difficulties
  • Chronic pain in a phantom limb makes work difficult

You can have an amputated arm or leg, but if the amputation is below the knee or elbow and this allows you to regain your work abilities with a prosthetic, then you may not be deemed eligible for benefits. Be careful about rushing to deny prosthetics in hopes that this will boost your disability claim because the SSA also takes points off when you refuse treatment. This is done to ensure that your disability truly limits your ability to work with no chances of improvement.

Submit This Pennsylvania Medical Evidence for Your Amputation

Now that you know the basic requirements for qualifying for amputation disability benefits, you can start collecting the evidence. When it comes to collecting amputation disability evidence, you want as much concrete evidence as you can find. Do not worry, your doctor will take care of most of this for you with examinations and tests.

Cooperate with your doctor on any tests your doctor orders because the results of these tests will be used to help prove that you cannot work with your amputation. The SSA might order you to undergo another medical exam under a consultant with the SSA to make sure your disability is as severe as you claim. This can greatly improve your chances of receiving benefits when they see how much your amputation limits your physical skills.

Disability Attorney in Pennsylvania

Being denied the disability benefits you need can be scary when you need financial help now. Consider talking to a Pennsylvania Delayed Insurance Benefits Attorney if you have concerns about your disability benefits being delayed or denied for unknown reasons. You can call Edelstein & Nelson today at (800) – 300 – 0909 for a consultation. Our legal team of Philadelphia disability lawyers might be able to help you figure out why your application was denied and defend your disability claim.