Why Hire an Attorney

Why Hire a Disability Lawyer?

Do It Right the First Time

The most important reason for hiring a Philadelphia insurance disability lawyer is to get an experienced professional to handle your case right the first time. Many times, people will come to our Philadelphia disability insurance law firm seeking legal help. Instead of seeking experienced representation the first time, they either tried to handle the matter themselves or sought an attorney who has little to no experience with disability claims. If the claim has already been appealed, many times there are no more chances and the person is left with nothing.

Why Hire a Disability Lawyer?To Philadelphia ERISA disability insurance lawyer, Keith L. Martin, this is heart-wrenching. That is why he strongly encourages people seeking an individual or group disability insurance claim to seek experienced legal representation as soon as possible. As a preeminent disability policy attorney, he is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in these types of matters.

For seasoned and effective legal representation, arrange a free initial consultation with our Philadelphia insurance disability lawyers, by calling 215-731-9900, toll free 800-887-4529. You can also contact Edelstein Martin & Nelson, LLP online.

Experience Matters and Can Make All the Difference for Your Disability Claim

Suffering from a disabling injury or disease is frustrating and stressful to say the least. A disability claim makes the most sense at this point. So why hire a disability policy attorney? Only an experienced group long term insurance lawyer in Philadelphia knows what type of information, facts and evidence can support a successful disability claim. Philadelphia insurance disability lawyer, Keith L. Martin, will help you complete applications correctly and supplement it with all the necessary medical records and information in order to seek maximum compensation.

Especially in ERISA group claims, sometimes a claimant only has two or three shots. The law can be very draconian. Once summary judgment is handed down, a case is thrown out forever. A successful appeal is critical to obtaining disability benefits. A Philadelphia long term disability lawyer who only practices disability claims day in and day out will be able to handle any appeals correctly the first time.

Remember, don’t hire an attorney as a last resort. Hire Philadelphia insurance disability lawyers at Edelstein Martin & Nelson, LLP as a first resort.

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If you are not able to come to us because of your disability, we will not hesitate to come to you. Our Philadelphia insurance disability lawyers are available to handle cases throughout Pennsylvania and also nationwide. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 215-731-9900, toll free 800-887-4529 or contact us online.