Working in Philadelphia While Receiving Social Security Benefits

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November 16, 2018
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Working in Philadelphia While Receiving Social Security Benefits

In order to receive Social Security benefits, the government requires that you not be able to engage in certain kinds of physical activity that pertain to your injuries or illness. However, since the definition is vague, it is possible to work and earn money while still being eligible for disability benefits in Pennsylvania.

As Social Security officials will determine if the work you’re doing is a substantial gainful activity (SGA), it’s important to speak to a skilled Philadelphia long-term disability lawyer who can explain what options are available for you.

What is a Substantial Gainful Activity?

When someone works and earns over a certain amount of money per month, Social Security officials consider them to be engaging in substantial gainful activity. For non-blind individuals, this threshold Working in Philadelphia While Receiving Social Security Benefitsis $1,170 per month before taxes. If you work and make below that allotted amount, you are still eligible to receive your long-term disability benefits.

The rules change though if you report yourself as self-employed. Social Security officials use different methods to assess whether or not your work is considered SGA. Their main concern is if you are purposely underpaying yourself in order to receive benefits.

Social Security officials will also reassess your injuries to determine if you are still considered disabled. If they decide that your health has improved, they may end your benefits which you can appeal if you believe this has been done in error.

Trial Period and Extended Period of Eligibility in Philadelphia

It is your responsibility to report any changes in work or income if you are applying or already receiving disability payments. In order to encourage those who receive disability payments, Social Security officials have rules in place that result in trial periods that begin if you earn under $840 per month. If you earn this amount for 9 months in 5 years, this time frame counts as the trial period.

Once you work more than that, you have officially entered into an extended period of eligibility. The first 36 months of this period of time is called the re-entitlement period. Therefore, if your earning goes above the SGA amount, your disability will end within two months. If it drops, then you can reinstate your benefits.

Long-Term Disability Insurance Attorney in Pennsylvania

If you are thinking about signing up for a long-term disability policy or have questions on how the process works or which insurance company is right for you, contact a Pennsylvania disability insurance lawyer today.

Here at Edelstein Martin & Nelson, LLP, we assist individuals throughout the greater Philadelphia area and Delaware. We can help and counsel you on what kind of disability policy is best for you. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to your long-term wellness and are here to fight for you.

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