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Will Hypothyroidism Make Me Eligible for Disability Benefits?
March 28, 2022
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How Dishonesty Can Hurt Your Disability Claim

How Dishonesty Can Hurt Your Disability Claim

Going through the disability benefits application process can be tedious and stressful. Many people might find themselves tempted to exaggerate or add symptoms when filling out their disability application. The reality is that this can hurt a person’s chances of receiving disability benefits. Consider discussing any concerns you have with a Pennsylvania disability lawyer who can offer advice.

Ways Dishonesty Hurts Your Disability Claim

Dishonesty can sneak in at any stage of the disability application process. Something as simple as mildly exaggerating a symptom could lead to problems. What happens How Dishonesty Can Hurt Your Disability Claimwith dishonesty on disability applications is the Social Security Administration (SSA) will investigate this.

The SSA will investigate any signs of dishonesty or inconsistency on a disability application or evaluation. This may involve comparing evidence, reports, and documents. In some cases, the SSA may require you to undergo a Consultative Exam to check whether you are being honest about your disability.

You will be required to be evaluated by a physician chosen by the SSA. Exaggerations during this evaluation are often discovered and noted. At this stage, the SSA could deny disability benefits on the basis of not cooperating or being honest during the evaluation. No one is mandated to undergo the evaluation but refusing could lead to denied benefits.

One of the best things you can do to speed up your disability application is to be as honest as possible. Describe your disability symptoms and limitations as you experience them rather than as what you think they want to hear. Worry less about whether your disability is severe enough and more about communicating accurate information.

Even if your disability claim is denied, you have legal options. Try contacting a Pennsylvania disability lawyer to find out how to file an appeal. A lawyer can help you defend your disability claim.

When Dishonesty Becomes Fraud

When dishonesty is obvious and severe, the SSA could consider this fraud. Many cases of disability benefits fraud involve blatantly false statements on disability benefits applications. Someone claiming they have terminal cancer, for example, when there is no medical evidence of this could be committing fraud.

Since fraud is a crime, the SSA will not only deny the application but may also take legal action. This is why many applications make the disclaimer at the end that a signature indicates the person agrees to tell the truth. Not everyone realizes that withholding information may also be deemed fraud in certain cases.

Avoid this by making sure you are supplying accurate information about yourself and your disability. Check facts with your doctor or a disability lawyer if you ever have any doubts. Your doctor will know whether the symptoms you are reporting on your application are an accurate description of your disability.

Disability Lawyer in Pennsylvania

Finding out your disability claim was denied can be frustrating. Feel free to reach out to a Pennsylvania bad faith claims attorney if your disability claim was wrongfully delayed or denied. You can call Edelstein Martin & Nelson by dialing (800) 300-0909 for a consultation today. Our team of Pennsylvania disability lawyers might be able to help you defend your disability claim.